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What American Muslim Voters Think of the U.S. Presidential Elections

May 19, 2008


CNN Please click here to watch this video clip from CNN.

Live Webcam of the Kaaba in Makkah and Masjid an Nabawi in Madinah (Updated September 12, 2016)

April 28, 2008


Updated and verified on September 12, 2016 by your brother in Islam Rafik Beekun Here are the current weather conditions in Makkah and Madinah. For more information about current weather, current time in either city and 5-day weather forecast, please click any of the two blue icons below, and then use your browser’s back arrow to […]

Entrapment of Muslims by the Law

April 8, 2008


Is Big Brother at your mosque? By ABDUSSALAM MOHAMED, Senior Staff Writer LOS ANGELES – On the first Friday of each month, Mohammed Elsisy, an Egyptian-born software engineer, usually drives from his home in Irvine, Calif., to the King Fahad mosque in Culver City, Calif., to deliver the khutba, or sermon. Elsisy thought the first […]

How to Pack for a Business Trip

April 1, 2008


CNN While traveling for business, you have, Insha Allah, to look and perform at your peak.   I travel a lot both domestically and internationally, and find that I  cannot take all the comforts of home with me, and I have to maximize my use of limited luggage space.   Please click here to read a great article from CNN […]

Must-see Video Clip: 5 Ways To Save Your Life

March 30, 2008


You are at a business lunch, and you start choking. What do you do? Or else someone at the table thinks he/she is having a heart attack. Or you hear someone’s voice starting to slur. How can you tell whether that person is having a stroke and needs immediate medical help? How do you help someone […]

Deja Vu: Clinton’s Tears for the Camera

January 9, 2008


First, Bill cried Now, Hillary did it Bill Clinton: Tears won Hillary New Hampshire By Toby Harnden in Manchester, New Hampshire Last Updated: 5:53pm GMT 09/01/2008 Bill Clinton, the former US president, said that his wife Hillary won the New Hampshire primary because “people saw who she was” when she came close to tears after being […]

Advice to workaholics who do not go out in the sun enough

January 9, 2008


Workaholics who stay inside too much may have Vitamin D deficiency.  A major new study indicates that people with Vitamin D deficiency could be at a higher risk of  a heart attack or stroke.  Please watch the following clip from ABC News.

Radical missionaries in Iraq: “A religious war”

January 6, 2008


Read how these radical missionaries wear disguises, pretend to be engaged in humanitarian efforts, are building churches covertly, distributing tons of “colorful” biblical literature, etc. These efforts from organizations such as the Southern Baptist Convention are leading to a lot of potential friction in Iraq. Watch what some of these missionaries and their leaders have to say […]

Superb Downloadable Islamic Desktop Wallpapers

January 6, 2008


This website on Islamic Architecture is fabulous. You can take a 360 degree tour of one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, the Bayazid II Mosque, by clicking here. You can also download Islamic wallpapers for your computer desktop here.

Advice for life from Prophet Muhammad (s)

January 4, 2008


As we come closer to the beginning of the Islamic new year and start writing down a new set of resultions, may I suggest that we reflect upon the following hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (s)?  This is hadith 1337 from Al-Tirmidhi, and it is narrated by Amr ibn Maymun al-Awdi: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said […]

Muslim Geneticist Sheds Light on Virgin Birth

May 23, 2007


Note: The New York Times today (May 22, 2007) has a news item on scientific evidence for the birth of a fatherless shark. In the past Muslim scholars have been using this argument to show that the birth of Jesus without a father is possible, even though rare. It does occur in different species. The […]

Poll Finds World Publics Reject U.S. Role as the World Leader

April 19, 2007


Source: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs A multinational poll finds that in 10 out of 15 countries, the most common view is that the United States cannot be trusted to “act responsibly in the world.” Respondents were allowed to choose whether the United States could be trusted “a great deal,” “somewhat,” “not very much” […]

In Memoriam: Our Condolences to The Virginia Tech Community

April 17, 2007


To the victims who survived the massacre at Virginia Tech yesterday, and to the relatives and friends of those who did not, we offer our best wishes and pray that God uplifts you during these difficult times. May God Bless you all. Rafik Beekun

U.S. Dept of Homeland Security to Launch Traveler Redress Inquiry Program

January 18, 2007


Source: ( – Release Date: January 17, 2007 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced today it will launch the DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP), an easy to use, single point of inquiry for travel-related issues. DHS TRIP was developed to provide a central gateway to address watch list misidentification issues, situations where […]

Sharpen the Saw: Do not Postpone or Miss Your Salah at Work

January 14, 2007


by Rafik Beekun At work, one often gets trapped by a project or a deadline, and one may engage in postponing prayer (salah). Yet, as Steven Covey states in his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘, one needs to stop periodically to sharpen one’s saw (cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual acuity). Prayer, in its regular rhythmic […]

FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

December 2, 2006


By Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache Staff Writer, CNET Published: December 1, 2006, 2:20 PM PST The FBI appears to have begun using a novel form of electronic surveillance in criminal investigations: remotely activating a mobile phone’s microphone and using it to eavesdrop on nearby conversations. The technique is called a “roving bug,” and […]