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Honoring Vicki Soto, the New Town, Connecticut Teacher who gave her life for her students

December 17, 2012


Huffington Post A 27-year-old teacher of Puerto Rican descent has emerged as a hero in the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Details remain fuzzy, but it appears that Victoria Soto hid students in a bathroom or closet and died trying to protect them from alleged shooter Adam Lanza, according to several […]

In Memoriam: The Slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School

December 15, 2012


Schools are meant to be safe places of learning and discovery, and elementary schools are specially sacrosanct.  May the children and school staff who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School rest in peace, and may their parents, families and friends find solace and comfort.  Our whole country stands with you in your moment of […]

From horror to hope: How a 7-year old boy fought back forced begging in Bangladesh

December 6, 2012


Saeed Ahmed, Lisa Cohen and Sara Sidner, “You cannot die! You cannot die!” the father mumbles to the bloodied, mutilated boy who lies unconscious on his lap. His hands press down on the boy’s slashed-open stomach to keep the insides from spilling out. He sobs convulsively. “Listen to me! You cannot die!” he repeats […]

Not Qualified: Exposing the Deception Behind America’s Top 25 Pseudo Experts on Islam

December 2, 2012


Muslim Public Affairs Council, USA Executive Summary Based on the tracking of media coverage on American Muslims, anti-Muslim sentiment seems to be at an all-time high. The negative sentiment appears in many venues, from state legislatures debating anti-Sharia bills to opposition over construction of new Islamic centers. At the same time, media coverage has begun to […]

Migrant Workers worked to death in Malaysia

December 1, 2012

0 Thousands of foreign workers have died in Malaysia in recent years from accidents, illnesses and suicide. They work in so-called ‘3D’ conditions – dirty, dangerous and difficult. Critics say the death rate is a result of slack safety standards, poor housing conditions and weak enforcement of laws to protect them. Last year, more than […]