Islamophobia 101–Episode 16: Eradicate Muslims like Beetles from the Face of this Earth

Posted on July 19, 2007


Please click here to listen to a threat from radio host Neal Boortz to eradicate Muslims like beetles from the face of this earth. Press the play button to start the audio clip.

For more information on Neal Boortz, please click here. Please do not contact him directly because Mr. Boortz can and will use any comments to further defame Islam and Muslim (as can be heard in the above audio clip). Here is an example of what Neal Boortz did to a Muslim caller. I apologize for some of the unislamic pictures in this clip, and I do not condone the perpetrators of the dastardly acts he mentions.  As Muslims, they should have known better, and whoever committed these acts deserves to be punished by the law and by Allah.  They will not escape the Judgment and Punishment of Allah.  However, just listen to the audio; that should give you an idea of how Islamophobic and biased Neal Bootz is.

Neal Bootz on Muslim Outrage