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Petition Against the execution of Sudanese Christian woman

May 29, 2014


Islam has always been for freedom of choice with respect to one’s faith. In the Qur’an in Chapter 2, verse 256, God orders, “Let there be no compulsion in religion” Although apostasy is a sin in Islam, never during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (s) was an apostate put to death simply for choosing […]

The Tragic Abuse and Displacement of African Farmers by Foreign Investors

January 31, 2014


Al 1. The case of Ethiopia Just a few decades ago, Ethiopia was a country defined by its famines, particularly between 1983-1985 when in excess of half a million people starved to death as a consequence of drought, crop failure and a brutal civil war. Against this backdrop, it is impressive that in recent […]

UK Muslim Law Makers Seek Teddy Teacher Release in Sudan

December 1, 2007

0 & Newspapers   Lord Ahmed is in Sudan on a personal initiative along with Baroness Sayeeda Warsi. KHARTOUM — Two Muslim members of Britain’s House of Lords were in Khartoum on Saturday, December 1, on a personal mission to seek the release of a British woman teacher jailed for what Sudanese officials say insulting […]