Coverage of the Istanbul Bombing Proves Once Again That American Media Care Little About Muslim Lives

Posted on July 1, 2016


Dean Obeidallah, Huffington Post

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to believe that U.S. media actually care about Muslim lives. Why do I say that? Simple: they don’t cover terror attacks carried out or planned against Muslims with the same zeal as attacks against others.

The latest example came after the horrific terror attack Tuesday night at the Istanbul airport that left at least 43 dead and over 230 people injured. Of those killed, it is likely that 30 or more of the victims were Muslim given that, according to Turkish officials, they come from predominantly Muslim countries: 23 Turks along with five Saudis, two Iraqis, a Jordanian, a Tunisian and an Iranian.

Many, including myself, expected media outlets to cover this incident with at least the same intensity and breadth as they covered the Brussels terror attack in March that left 31 dead. Then we saw American news media spring into action, sending a cadre of anchors and reporters to Belgium providing “wall-to-wall coverage.”

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