Torture in Egypt: Part 3–The Smiling Torturer

Posted on January 10, 2007


Look at the face of the torturer: this is commonplace behavior for him–absolutely no empathy. A normal day at the office. The policeman actually smiles before hitting the man being tortured!

Let us note that Islam absolutely condemns such brutality, and that torture takes place in many countries-Muslim or Non-Muslim. However, shouldn’t Muslims know better?

Egyptian Policemen Arrested on Stick-Sodomizing Charge

Source: Naharnet Newsdesk

Emad Kabeer under torture
Two Egyptian policemen accused of sexually assaulting a minibus driver were detained after footage of the prisoner being sodomized with a stick was posted on the internet, security sources said Wednesday. The South Cairo prosecutor’s office ordered the detention of officers Islam Nabih and Reda Fat-hi for four days on charges of torture.

Footage showing Imad al-Kabir, arms and legs tied, being beaten and sodomized with a stick at a police station, sparked uproar among rights groups after being recently circulated on the Internet.

On Saturday, New York-based Human Rights Watch condemned the incident and called for an end to police torture in Egypt. “The government should send the message that it won’t tolerate torture by police or any other officials,” said HRW Middle East director Sarah Leah Whitson.

“Prosecuting those responsible for the crimes shown in this video would be a good first step. But it shouldn’t be the last — the Egyptian government must change the culture that has made torture routine in Egyptian jails.” Kabir, from Bulaq al-Dakrur in the Giza district of the Egyptian capital, was detained for 36 hours last January after intervening in a dispute between police and a cousin.

For more information on the above incident involving Kabir, click here.

The video filmed by the Egyptian police while they were sodomizing Kabir is available on Youtube; it is violent, shameful and a disgrace. For the sake of Islamic decency, we decided not to link it to this blog. If you must look at the video, please look it up on Youtube yourself. If you cannot find it, please do not e-mail to us for the link.