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Good Samaritan 101: Rabbi Steven Jacobs Confronts Clarion Fund’s Gregory Ross

October 16, 2008


After a press conference against the “Obsession” movie held by the Coalition for Renewing American Democracy, the Communications Director of the Clarion Fund confronted the coalition members. Here, Rabbi Steven Jacobs is shown talking to the Communications Director. Interfaith leaders call ‘Obsession’ DVD hateful Detroit News Critics say film instills fear of Muslims with misleading […]

An Islamic Perspective on Civic Engagement and Voting in America

October 9, 2008


Islamic Shura Council of Southern California The future of America will be decided as Americans cast their votes this November for the next president of the United States. In looking to the coming months, the Muslim American community must remain steadfast in our commitment to political and civic participation in accordance to the guiding principles […] McCain Distorting Obama’s Tax Voting Record

September 22, 2008


From CNN’s Josh Levs   Did Obama vote to raise taxes more than 90 times? The statement: “He said he won’t raise taxes for most people, but he’s voted 94 times in his short Senate career for tax increases and against tax cuts.” -Sen. John McCain, at a campaign stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Friday […]

Ethics and U.S. Politics: John McCain and the Lying Game

September 18, 2008


Joe Klein, Time Magazine Politics has always been lousy with blather and chicanery. But there are rules and traditions too. In the early weeks of the general-election campaign, a consensus has grown in the political community — a consensus that ranges from practitioners like Karl Rove to commentators like, well, me — that John McCain […]

Passing of Pivotal Muslim Leader, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed

September 10, 2008


From the MSA website, (Washington, DC 9/9/08) MSA National mourns the passing of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed. A much loved and admired Muslim leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed died today at the age of 74. Imam W.D. Mohammed was the pivotal figure in leading followers of the Nation of Islam to mainstream Islam, creating the largest […]

The U.S. Building Friendly Relations with yet Another Muslim Dictator and Tyrant: Gaddafi

September 7, 2008


Note from Rafik Beekun: It is time that our country shows some backbone when dealing with tyranny around the world. Gaddafi is a dictator who has been linked to terrorism and repression for decades. However, in spite of his lack of movement towards democracy and the domestic repression in his own country, all is now […]

Toxic Leadership: McCain as the man with his finger on the button

August 8, 2008


Note from RI: There is some bad language in this video. In a report on Senator John McCain’s well documented “temper,” MSNBC offered this insightful, accurate and disturbing analysis of a man who might be the next President of the United States. Does putting his hand in control of the enormous power of the US […]

Please Sign Islamica Magazine’s Open Letter Concerning Anwar Ibrahim

July 14, 2008


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful May Peace and Blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his kin “ … [M]ake peace between them justly, and act equitably. Lo! Allah loveth the equitable. / The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to […]

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal: #89 in TIME Magazine’s 2008 Top 100 People in the World

May 7, 2008


By Riz Khan As people run around screaming about a clash of civilizations, it is reassuring to spend time with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. He crosses boundaries in a unique way, proudly emphasizing his role as the largest individual foreign investor in the U.S. and mingling with power brokers from business, politics […]

Madeeha Hasan Odhaib: #32 among TIME Magazine’s 2008 Top 100 People in the World

May 7, 2008


By Queen Rania It’s not every day that success stories echo out of Iraq into the halls of power, but Madeeha Hasan Odhaib defies the norm. Armed with her sewing machine, unflinching stoicism and determination, Madeeha, 37, is mending the fabric of Iraq. Four years ago, this mother of two and seamstress turned district council […]

Anwar Ibrahim: #9 Among TIME Magazine’s Top 100 People in the World in 2008

May 7, 2008


Paul Wolfowitz During the 1990s, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and a group of U.S. Senators organized a forum to exchange views among East Asians and Americans. Asked at one session about the role of Islam in politics, Anwar replied, “I have no use for governments which call themselves Islamic and then deny basic […]

Second Muslim elected to Congress

March 12, 2008


Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:16pm EDT By Judith Cebula INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Indiana voters on Tuesday elected a Muslim to Congress, only the second of that faith chosen in U.S. history. Andre Carson, grandson of the late Democrat Rep. Julia Carson, was elected to serve the balance of her term in the U.S. House of […]

Umm Sulaym: An Everlasting Role Model for Muslimahs and Muslims

December 30, 2007


Note from Rafik Beekun: I initially put together this article in honor of International Women’s Day.  This article is partly sourced from Winalim,  and relates the story of one of the most famous and respected female companions of the Prophet (s), Umm Sulaym. Her faith, courage, determination and integrity are truly inspiring,  and she serves as a wonderful role model both for […]

Leadership Lessons from The Qur’an: The Story of Dhul-Qarnayn

November 24, 2007


by Dr. Iqbal Unus, IIIT and Dr. Rafik Beekun The Qur’an is a continuing source of Guidance, and the Guidance it offers is in the context of what the reader is seeking.  Learning from the Qur’an is a dynamic process and that is why we keep reading it in all sorts of circumstances and need. The […]

Muslim Women in Sports: Muslima basketball team in action

November 1, 2007


Please click here to watch this video clip from ESPN about the Lady Caliphs, playing basketball in hijab. They are champions, with a record of 21 wins versus one loss.  They even played basketball matches while fasting during the month of Ramadan! For sisters only, here is Sister Ruqaya Al Ghasara winning a race in […]

Pakistan’s Army: Unprepared to tackle terrorism?

October 22, 2007


By Mark Sappenfield | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN   Before returning to Pakistan Oct. 18, Benazir Bhutto boldly claimed that she would take the fight to militants in Pakistan’s lawless border regions. Hours after she arrived, her motorcade was bombed, killing about 136 people. The attack has only emboldened Ms. […]

Principles of Success in the light of Seerah

October 11, 2007


Downloaded from: The Islamic Workplace Blog at http:/ Maulana Wahiduddin Khan It is a well-known fact that the Prophet of Islam (saw) was the supremely successful man in the entire human history. But he was not just a hero, as Thomas Carlyle has called him. According to the Qur’an, he was the best example for […]

Basic Planning for Islamic Organizations

October 11, 2007


Note from Rafik Beekun: By the Grace of Allah, I just posted an article that Dr. Iqbal Unus and I wrote some years ago on this topic.  Please click on the Muslim Manager tab at the top of this blog, and view the last article posted as you go down the page.

A Muslim Astronaut’s Dilemma: How to Face the Qibla From Space

October 2, 2007


Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor of Malaysia, a crew member on the 16th mission for the International Space Station, gives thumbs-up near the Soyuz-TMA capsule before the final test outside Moscow on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor has a problem. Two problems. The first is that Mecca keeps moving. Well, not really. It’s Shukor who’ll […]

How a Muslim Billionaire Thrives in Hindu India

September 11, 2007


By YAROSLAV TROFIMOV September 11, 2007; Page A1, Wall Street Journal BANGALORE, India — The world’s richest Muslim entrepreneur defies conventional wisdom about Islamic tycoons: He doesn’t hail from the Persian Gulf, he didn’t make his money in petroleum, and he definitely doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve. A native of Mumbai, Azim Premji […]

Turkey is vital to Europe’s future

September 6, 2007


The Daily Telegraph (LONDON)David MilibandSECTION: FEATURES; Comment; Pg. 20 In the 20th century, Britain’s national security came under threat from hostile nations. Today, the threat is from terrorist groups, such as al-Qa’eda, operating within failed states, seeking to fracture the world along religious lines. The response by the police and the Army, at home and […]

Muslim nations to thrive

September 3, 2007


Herald Sun, Australia SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 3 OUTGOING BHP Billiton chief Chip Goodyear believes the Muslim world will be hot on the heels of China and India as the next big emerging market for the mining giant. The mining boss, who will step down at the end of this month, told the Herald Sun Muslim […]

Top 100 Saudi Companies

September 1, 2007


Source: 1. The March Ahead Saudi Arabia is in a second era of massive expansion. Plans are even more spectacular in scale than the first time round. The effect on Saudi business and industry is already apparent. As can be seen… Full Story 2. A Quantum Leap in Development IT is boom time again […]

Muslim clerk fights off armed robber

August 8, 2007


Kristin Lowman, Fox 23, Hafiz Alam, a store clerk, fought back after an armed robbery in Albany. Tonight, a suspect is in custody following a stand off with police. The robbery happened at Quail Street News around 5:20 A.M. Store clerk Hafiz Alam was behind the counter when a man walked in the door […]

Fallen Muslim American Soldier Mourned

July 28, 2007


Source: Voice of America and USASOC news service Major James Michael Ahearn had a near perfect life. The 43-year-old career army officer was newly married and recently became a father for the first time. On July 5th, during a routine patrol in Iraq, a roadside bomb exploded, killing Major Ahearn and his driver. For Urdu […]

Bipartisan U.S. Senate Resolution Praising American Muslim Physicians

July 23, 2007


Dr. Faroque Khan, MD After the recent developments in UK implicating some physicians of involvement in terrorism, a number of American Muslims publicly denounced these acts of terrorism and violence. IMANA issued a press release which received world wide coverage on AP, CNN, BBC etc. The US Senate also took note of this, and attached […]

Report on low English skills among Imams in Britain raises concerns

July 20, 2007


Max de Lotbiniere The Guardian Weekly, July 20, 2007, p 44. Research reveals that only 6% of Muslim religious leaders in Britain speak English, raising concerns that preachers in mosques are not able to communicate effectively with young British-born Muslims. The survey of 300 mosques in Britain was carried out by Chester University for the […]

From Atheism to Islam: Professor of Mathematics, Jeffrey Lang

July 18, 2007


Dr. Jeffrey Lang is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas, one of the biggest universities in the United States. He started his religious journey on Jan 30, 1954, when he was born in a Roman Catholic family in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The first 18 years of his life were spent in Catholic schools, which […]

Fighting Extremism is Up to All of US

July 17, 2007


Saeed Saeed, Canberra Times FOREIGN Minister Alexander Downer recently addressed the opening ceremony of the Peace and Harmony Interfaith Conference in Sydney. He ended with a plea to Australia’s Muslim leaders and community members to take the lead in eradicating the community’s extremist fringe. ”You might feel that it is not your problem,” Downer said. […]

Saudi Arabia: Graduate University Launched With $10 Billion Endowment

June 11, 2007


Jeffrey Mervis Saudi Arabia is using some of its vast oil wealth to create what it hopes will be a world-class graduate research institution. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2009, will have a $10 billion endowment–the sixth largest in the world. Although […]

Muslim Virginia Tech Student Gave His Life To Save Others

April 26, 2007


Sources: The New York Times and The Muslim Observer A survivor of the Virginia Tech massacre has been describing how a colleague died to protect others. Although badly injured, graduate student Waleed Shalaan distracted gunman Cho Seung-Hui to save another person from his bullets. Waleed saved another student’s life. The surviving student, who wishes to […]

She is a Muslimah, a Former University Dean of Engineering, and a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

April 18, 2007


TU THANH HA From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail MONTREAL — When news came that young Muslim girls had been turned away from a tae kwon do competition in Quebec because they wore Islamic head scarves, one of the people upset was the former dean of engineering of the University of Ottawa. Aside from being an […]

Muslims Look To Athletes As Faith Ambassadors

March 19, 2007


By Omar Sacirbey Religion News Service… [Read more…] “It can be a struggle growing up Muslim in America,” said Saleem, whose family emigrated from Pakistan shortly before he was born. “So when you see other Muslims doing and succeeding at the sports you love, that can’t help but give you a lift.” In their primes, Ali […]

Contradicting Islam, Some Muslims Are Violating The Laws of the Country They Reside In

March 15, 2007


Source: ABC Premium News (Australia) Australia: Federal Assistant Treasurer Peter Dutton has asked the Tax Commissioner to investigate reports that some hardline Muslim clerics are encouraging people to cheat the tax system. A newspaper report today suggests some extremist clerics are advocating tax avoidance because they say paying tax is contrary to Islamic law. Mr […]

Saudi Arabia Declares War on Corruption

March 1, 2007


JEDDAH, 20 February 2007 — Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers yesterday approved a National Strategy to Protect Honesty and Combat Corruption. It also decided to facilitate administrative procedures and question dishonest officials, irrespective of their positions, as part of a major move to root out all forms of corruption from the country. The weekly Cabinet […]

U.K. Muslim Top 100 List Is Published

February 17, 2007

0 An ageing pop star, a rear admiral in the Royal Navy and the head of Amnesty International have been included on a list of most influential Muslims. The Power 100 website compiled the top 100 list to show how Muslims have contributed positively to the UK. Singer Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, […]

U.S. Mayor Converts to Islam and Changes His Name

February 7, 2007


Source: Associated Press MACON, Ga. – Macon Mayor Jack Ellis has converted to Islam and is now working to legally change his name to Hakim Mansour Ellis. Ellis, who was raised Christian, said Thursday that he became a Sunni Muslim during a December ceremony in the west African nation of Senegal. Ellis said he has […]

Saudi Arabia, Corruption and the British Arms Company, BAE

January 26, 2007


Britain censured over decision to drop BAE Saudi corruption inquiry by Rob Evans in Paris Friday January 19, 2007 The Guardian The (British) government was severely criticised yesterday by the international community’s leading anti-bribery watchdog for halting a corruption investigation into the arms company BAE. The public expression of “serious concern” came after Tony Blair […]

The BBC interviews Keith Ellison, First US Muslim Congressman

January 17, 2007


Keith Ellison is one of the most intensely scrutinised members of the new Democratic intake – the first Muslim member of Congress. In an exclusive BBC interview he talks to Stephen Sackur about what he wants the Democrats to do with their new found clout. Please click here to watch this excellent interview by Stephen […]

Dua Video #5: Collection of Duas from the Qu’ran

January 8, 2007


Du’as from the Qur’an in Arabic with English Subtitles by the superb Qari Basit

Dua Video #3: When facing hardship

January 8, 2007


When facing any hardship, please recite this dua.

Accountability cannot be delegated away

January 4, 2007


Sura 75 (Qiyama) from the Qur’an. The Day of Account will come. We are each responsible for whatever we do at work or elsewhere, and will have to answer to Our Creator for our deeds.

U.S. Muslim Mayor Avoids Mixing Politics and Religion

January 4, 2007


Source: The Record By Maya Kremen “Hey, what’s up,” Mayor Mohamed Khairullah says. “Assalam alaikum. I got your e-mail.” Khairullah, 31, set a precedent in November by becoming the state’s first elected Arab-American Muslim mayor. Now he’s all about proving that, like any good politician, a Muslim can serve the public without mixing religion into […]

Before any major decision, pray Salat-ul-Istikhara

December 25, 2006


Updated April 10, 2012 By Rafik Beekun at the Islamic Workplace weblog A step-by-step description of how to pray Salat-ul-Istikhara and, Insha Allah, how to interpret it. Click here to download the English only step by step description of how to pray Salat Istikhara in a one-page 12 size font handout. Click here to download […]

Wolf Blitzer Interviews Rep. Keith Ellison on CNN

December 22, 2006


Congressman Ellison makes all of us proud to be Muslims whether we are Americans or not.

Launch of the Islamic Workplace E-Store

December 16, 2006


The Islamic Workplace E-Store is now open. Please click here if you wish to order the following books: Islamic Business Ethics. Leadership: An Islamic Perspective. Strategic Planning and Implementation for Islamic Organizations. In the future, you will, Insha Allah, be able to order additional resources and materials from the E-Store.

Effective Leadership Steps for Strategy implementation in Islamic Organisations

December 12, 2006


By Rafik Beekun Planning without implementation is useless. In some Islamic organisations, there is no defined concept of long-term planning. Others, who do so, are normally faced with the problem of “analysis-paralysis”, spending too much time on fine tuning their business plans. The result is simple; there appears to be too much ado about nothing. […]

Muhammad (s): ‘Follow a bad deed with a good one that will erase it.’

December 9, 2006


Sometimes, even the best of Muslims slips and makes a mistake at work or elsewhere. This short talk delivered by Dr. Imad Bayoon is based on a hadith of the Prophet (saw), and focuses on a remedial course of action.

Islamic Behavioral Etiquette according to the Prophet (s)

November 30, 2006


A short excerpt from Hamza Yusuf’s excellent speech on the Prophet’s (s) character and on how he showed us how to manage anger in our interaction with others. Excellent advice again both for workplace and other types of situations.

Islamophobia 101–Episode 2

November 29, 2006


Keith Ellison, first US Muslim Congressman, to take his oath of office on the Qur’an In the article below by columnist Dennis Prager, the latter decries the fact that Congressman Ellison is refusing to take his oath of office on the Bible, and is determined to do so on the Qur’an. It is amazing that […]


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